Project Forwarding

How does one define Project forwarding? Someone once said the difference between project forwarding as opposed to other forms of freight forwarding is that for general forwarding the client might say when can I deliver my goods to you, whereas for projects the forwarder says when can I collect. Our definition is slightly different. We believe the best definition of project forwarding is “A door to door transportation service where in most instances neither the collection or delivery locations are the premises of the client” (i.e. Equipment supplier to fabrication yard). Edelweiss Logistics is staffed with Project Forwarding Professionals, led by a management team who’s members have up to 40 years experience in the industry.

Corporate Forwarding

This is our definition of freight forwarding work undertaken on an ongoing basis on behalf of a client rather than project work which has a precise start and finish to the activity.
To use, this is where the difference in definition should end. The service provided should be no less for either type of client.Edelweiss Logistics have the experience and know how, to provide the ultimate level of service.Our prime aim is to ensure we have satisfied clients. This can only be achieved through providing a safe and efficient service whilst ensuring the provision of information such as shipment status is as efficient as the service it’s self


From their project forwarding experience, Edelweiss Logistics have considerable experience of transportation of heavy and outsize cargoes.Through it’s partnership with Turkey’s largest heavy haulage contractor, Edelweiss Logistics has the solution for movement of any outsize cargo, no matter the size or weight. Equipment is currently available in the Caspian region at short notice, whilst plans are underway to have a supply of equipment with local drivers established in Baku in the near future.